Health Tips #1

Health Tips #1

Boost immune system

Five simple changes that can drastically improve your immune system and help lower your exposure to toxic pollutants that can cause cancer, heart disease,  stroke and so much much more.


1. Sleep – not enough of it breaks your immune system down over time sleep is when your body recharges and repairs. 


2. Diet – ditch the garbage because it’s not doing anything positive for you: prepackaged foods, junk food, dairy products and sugary drinks


3. Exercise – moving for 15 minutes a day (even low-impact forms) helps to stimulate your lymph system and flush toxins.


4. Stress – people consistently ignored it in our fast-paced world. you must reduce stress. Stress lead to immune deficiency 


5. Habits – these are tobacco, alcohol, drug use, tanning beds, etc. but still engage in it, so kick the “bad guys” out of your life.